Young Adult

HISTORICAL:  Dubbed the “Miracle Orphan” when a tragic train wreck claims the lives of her parents, Larken Burke is left to suffer for years under the care of cold and abusive foster parents. Led to believe that her emotional and physical scars have left her unloveable and unfit for marriage, Larken agrees to marry a man she’s never met. Hoping for an amiable relationship with her would-be husband, Larken is stricken when her new husband turns out to be even more cold and aloof than her caregivers. 


Brandon King has had nothing but tragedy when it comes to love, so he has forsworn all matters of the heart. When he takes on a ward out of obligation, he finds the he needs a wife to take charge of the young boy. With low expectations of his mail-order bride, Brandon soon finds that he has his hands full with the understated yet overwhelmingly beautiful and intriguing Larken Burke King. Will Larken and Brandon overcome their reservations about love and intimacy? Or is their relationship doomed to lead to heartache? 

Larken is a delightful, easy read that many readers of historical romances will adore. The storyline is poignant and sweet, but with interesting plot conventions. Where this novel is less successful, however, is with character motivation. It seems at times that Brandon is drawn to Larken for no real reason—a slight case of insta-love. Where the story is most successful, however, is in how Ms. Rogers draws her characters. Larken’s relationship with Myles, Brandon’s ward, is refreshing, and Larken herself is a unique, colorful character. 

Mia Francis