Judgment (Tattooed Angels, #2)

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  For centuries Talib, the immortal embodying the element of Judgment, has watched as his fellow immortals were reincarnated over and over again. His job has been to protect them and guide them as they have awakened. However, despite his position as guardian, he has never fully understood his own power or known what his brother Hotan fully planned. Unable to stop his brother, he has been forced to forget his past and any interaction he’s had with the one immortal Hotan never intended to create - Iapetos, the element of Death. Unfortunately, Iapetos has not forgotten Hotan, and now with the reincarnation of Hotan in his sights, Talib will need every memory and every bit of his power to keep Death from consuming the innocent young man or die trying.

The second book in the “Tattooed Angels” series, “Judgment” reads more as a massive flashback or prequel. Starting with a life or death fight between Talib and Iapetos, it then launches into a slow paced reveal of all the memories Talib was forced to endure or forget before finishing with a quick battle tied in with the first book. Despite the slow pace, and lack of development, the story does have an interesting premise, some diverse characters and events, and some action, so while not a standalone novel, paranormal fans may find this an interesting read.

Sarah E Bradley