Journey to New Salem (The Witches of Vegas Book 2)

Young Adult

Things are going well for Isis Rivera. Her coven/adoptive family’s magic show The Witches of Vegas has become a smash hit for Vegas audiences. Her relationship with Zack Galloway has been developing well, and her own magical powers have been growing. However, it all comes crashing to the ground when a mysterious illness causes seizures in which her magical powers wreak havoc. When the illness is discovered to be resistant to their magics, they flee to the tiny, hidden village of New Salem for help. Soon they realize their old enemy, Valeria, may be involved—and may be the key to a cure.

Spellbinding, captivating, and enchanting, “Journey to New Salem” is a fast-paced adventure that readers will want to read front to back without pause.  The author provides enough information to keep new-to-the-series-readers up to speed without sacrificing pacing and without excessive exposition. Each character adds a delightful dash of spice to Mark Rosendorf’s world. Each character holds much potential, but there are many, and none of them are given the opportunity to truly and fully shine—they could use just a tiny bit more depth to improve the “wow” factor. Nonetheless, the pacing is perfect, the world building is wonderful, and the story itself is unique. All in all, this book is a fantastically fun and heart-rending read that is sure to leave lovers of witches and vampires enthralled.

Shailyn Rogers