Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Hunter has been working for Talon, a secret organization of telepaths for the last few years, but when her latest mission in San Diego goes sideways, not even her abilities could have warned her of what is coming. With her former allies searching for her and nowhere to go, the only people she might be able to trust is the psychic team working for the FBI. Yet, the more Hunter uncovers the less she’s sure she can trust either side, and at only sixteen, trusting the wrong person could do more than betray all telepaths, it could get her killed.

An interesting YA paranormal thriller, “Hunter” has a fascinating premise and fast pace combined with two warring telepathic groups. Unfortunately, Hunter comes off as a victim with little sense or depth. Her actions further fail to match her background, as her experiences with her parents and Talon should make her wary and less trusting, but instead she trusts and expects friendship from most corners, lessening her believability. With minor romance in play, the focus is mostly on the action and battle between the two groups which does provide some exciting scenes; however, all the problems end too quickly and are concluded without much explanation. Still, the action and telepathic abilities leave room for fun, and lovers of paranormal adventures might want to give this book a try.


Sarah E Bradley