The Human Side

Heaven Leigh
ISBN Number: 
Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Etta’s life seems to be calming down in Quantico, Virginia now that her one true love and once fallen angel, Rahovart, has redeemed himself and is now an Arch  again. Yet, Rahovart finds himself unable to stay away and let the past go and in needing to be near Etta, he strikes a deal with Father— a deal that turns into a mission with great consequences. With Arch Angel Gabriel at his side, will Rahovart convince Etta to love him again, or will the demons win?

Lovers of angel, demon, and human romances will enjoy Eldeens’ new addition to “The Demon Side” series. Readers who haven’t read the previous book will find that Eldeen successfully provides enough information in this second book to prevent too much confusion while still continuing a romance obviously begun in full force in the first book. Rahovart does quite a bit of growing in this book, something hard to find in the flood of paranormal romances today where the characters remain one dimensional the entire series. While, the story line is not new, this book is worth the read if only to find out how Rahovart and Etta will overcome their separation at the end of the first book. New information about Rahovart’s previous wife Abahail and a romance between Gabriel and Etta’s new friend rounds out the story and will keep readers up a bit later just to find out how that all works out!

Sarah E.B.