The Halfling (The Aria Fae Series #1)

Young Adult

URBAN FANTASY:  As a “Hafling” (part fae, part human) Aria grew up knowing her life was set as a warrior.  But at only 17 years old she is cast out of the supernatural organization that trained her entire life and is now left on her own in the human world.  With no means to support herself, she finds a job in a flower shop, rents a run-down apartment and signs up for high school, where she soon meets friends and learns to adapt to her new life.


Still, she knows her abilities are far under-used in this human world but it doesn’t take long before danger catches up. Using her enhanced abilities, Aria becomes a secret vigilante but even the best of intentions turn lethal when those who profit start losing their power. 


What a great beginning for a new YA series!  The author creates a believable and sympathetic heroine, and then sets her up against endearing secondary characters that draw the reader in and wrap them tightly in their world!  It only takes the first few pages before one is cheering for Aria and her cohorts, all while reading on the edge of their seat as she fights to keep her friends and new home safe.  There are a few important points in the story that need more explanation such as Aria’s backstory, which keeps the reader from truly understanding the depth of these situations and lessens the experience overall.  Still, it is the first in a series, so hopefully, enlightenment will come in the next book of this very promising and enjoyable new ride! 


Ruth Lynn Ritter