The Guardian, a Sword, & Stilettos

Kristin D.
Van Risseghem
Young Adult

Zoe Jabril just discovered she is a lot more than just the average teenager. In fact, almost everyone she knows is more than that. Her best friend is also her guardian angel. Talk about awkward emotional conflict! Enter a strange and handsome man by the name of Shay Curator, who happens to wield a sword. Yeah, a sword. Not your typical accessory. High school will never be the same for Zoe knowing what she does about the world around her and the future to come, as long as she survives her junior year. 


Quaint and quirky describes this delightful foray into the mystical realms of growing up. Simply being a teenager is tough enough, but discovering you are the prophetic savior of the world is mind shattering. Thank heavens you have some powerful friends on your side, only you didn’t quite know how powerful until the veil is lifted and you are given the knowledge. This is the life Zoe will now lead. Subtle nuance keeps this otherwise slow-paced story moving along. The characters are typical of the young adult genre, making them less than remarkable. The plot is unfortunately predictable once the premise is revealed, which happens early on. Charming, with youthful characters it lacks an appeal that makes the story jump into the stratosphere of epic. While written well, it needs some refining and more action to develop into something that will better reach both the targeted audience and the overall audience of all readers. 


Penelope Anne Bartotto