Green-Eyed Pursuit

Young Adult

Lucien’s parentage was a mystery. Raised by his mother until her death, he had many questions without answers until he came across a ribbon-wrapped bundle of letters. Never knowing his father, he sets out on a quest to find the man he desperately wished to know and love. Once introductions were made and identities revealed, Lucien and his father, Amani, found themselves threatened by a set of longstanding family secrets while stalked by envious relatives. It seemed that no matter which path Amani and Lucien chose to take they were pursued by the past, by regret, and of course danger. Together, they hoped to outrun the past's shadows long enough to clear Amani's name and earn Lucien a proper seat in the Peale family before their luck ran out and they lost their pursuit.

Set in the early years of the twentieth century, “Green-Eyed Pursuit” had the makings of a thrilling mystery. Likable characters and crisp, clear descriptions of the setting as well as their predicament encouraged the reader to play detective; however, the long, wordy stretches of background information made sections of the tale laborious. Circumstantial details in mysteries are vital and could be thought provoking when worded clearly. The surreptitious weaving of clues made the story at times hard to follow. Even with the author's wordiness, the mystery kept this reader's interest with subtle yet surprising twists. Miss Pansy, Lucien's schoolteacher, was delightful and fun to follow on her adventures. This book is a worthy read for anyone who enjoys a sweet romance or a challenging case of who-dun-it.  

Amy Willis