The Gauntlet: The Soppranaturale Series

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  When Ommily Nation walks into the Soppranaturale hotel, Link Argos is stunned! To Link’s surprise, Ommily is a fairy like him, possibly the only one. Link’s attraction to Ommily is instant, but he must tread lightly since Ommily is engaged to a human. As Link gets to know Ommily, she discovers the connection is more than just physical—that they are bound together by magic. Link is excited even taking Ommily to the Gauntlet where all the supernatural’s can fight each other. Of course, Link’s ex-girlfriend doesn’t feel that way; after meeting Ommily, she tries to hurt her in any way possible. When Ommily challenges Link’s ex-girlfriend to a battle all bets are off. This challenge could be the one that declares both as winners or kills them both in the end. 

What a wonderfully written fantasy novel filled with all sorts of paranormal creatures residing in an ordinary hotel. Plot-wise, a lot is going on, which at times makes it difficult to follow the storyline. The protagonists themselves and the powers each has are vaguely described. Understanding most of the paranormal creatures’ attributes relies on readers’ preconceived notions, little of anything new is added to the genre. The descriptions of the settings, other than the arena, also are not very clearly described. Ommily, the feisty, unafraid heroine comes off as a bit insipid but eventually matures in not just her powers but her overall character making her more relatable. Link, the bold, brave hero is pretty likable too. The book might be short but, it manages to squeeze in drama, angst and a sprinkling of romance, making it quite fun to read!

Roslynn Ernst