Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Anastasia is a troubled teen, and she has just gotten into trouble for the last time. Her mother has sent her to Cedar Falls to live with her grandparents, and Anastasia is less than thrilled, thinking that the town is a sleepy little place where nothing happens. Then she meets and falls in love with Frost, who is known for being a loner and different from the rest of the teens. She begins having horrific dreams of wolves turning into men and then she thinks she really sees one of these beasts in the woods by her grandparents' house. She knows there are no werewolves; so what did she really see, and what is attacking the local townspeople?


This is a well-written novel with interesting characters. The teens are typical high school kids with the attitudes that go along with their age. The woods are described so well that the reader feels as though they are somewhere within the labyrinthine interior with Frost and Anastasia. Several questions arise throughout the novel, however, that are never addressed. Julia says she knows who Anastasia is, then drops the subject. Anastasia ponders the question, but there is no forward progression as to finding out the answer to the riddle. This is a piece that really makes the reader think, because everyone in the story is keeping their own tragic secrets, and not all of them are revealed. Fans will have to patiently wait for the remainder of the series to come out to find out more.


Belinda Wilson