Finding Love and Bigfoot (The Critter Getter Series, Book 2)

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Kalista Bristow and her friend Leandra Lehigh have left the big city of Chicago behind to begin college in Oklahoma. Embracing nature in their new surroundings they decide to take a guided hiking and camping tour/ bigfoot expedition with Owen Guthrie and Caleb Chandler. It turns into an adventure in more ways than one.  Kalista and Caleb are falling for each other, but all the while Kalista has an odd feeling that she is being watched.  When they discover signs that perhaps she is and not by anything human, the adventure turns into more than what she had signed up for. 


Kalista is an affable girl. Rather nice, quite easy to like and continue liking.  The love that sparks innocently between her and Caleb is delightful and full of charm as is Caleb himself. This is a very sweet and appealing romance but is, at times, slow in its’ progression.  The introduction of bigfoot is not usually found in paranormal romances but makes this story interesting. The story does tend to focus a little too much on discovering bigfoot rather than focusing on the characters.  This makes the story stand still at times.  Even though they are college age and it could be classified under the new adult genre, it is easily appealing to young adults as well as a clean read parents can approve of.


Margaret Faria