The Final Lesson (Final Lesson #1)

Young Adult

HIGH FANTASY:  Heading out on a pilgrimage as her final test in becoming a Warlord, Leilana must gather totems hidden inside others she meets along the way.  Traveling with three others from the Academy, Leilana embarks on a journey she never could imagine.  When Prince Remiel’s kingdom, Linmus, is attacked, he is forced to flee in order to save his life.  While on the run with his best friend and servant, Solus, he plans to one day bring restoration to war-torn Linmus, no matter what it takes. Call it fate or coincidence, but these two parties find themselves in one another’s company, and although differences may abound, they come to rely on one another.  Setting out as one, they must learn to work together in order to defeat their enemy.

A story about friendship and fighting for what one believes, “The Final Lesson” brings readers along on an epic journey.  The friendship and quest the characters are sent on drives the story, keeping one engaged until the last page.  The magic system and the world, although interesting, lack full descriptions with sufficient detail, so the story is hard to follow and understand.  The jumping of perspectives between characters with little to no warning adds difficulty in keeping up with the flow of the story, oftentimes making the reader back track in order to know who is speaking.  The final chapters pack in a good deal of action and excitement, gearing the reader up for the next book in the series. 

Amy Cefoldo