Endless Change

Young Adult

Parker is the oldest child, and the one his mother relies on. So, when Parker sees Dakota fending for herself in the streets, he can’t help but extend a hand, offering to get her off the streets and back in school. Dakota seems eager to go to school, to make friends, and make up for a childhood full of abuse. Unfortunately, the adults all sense something wrong with Dakota, her ever changing stories, and the way she seems to pull Parker along. Warning Parker away doesn’t work. Something about her draws him in and makes him want to protect her. If he pushes, she might run, but with all the questions surrounding her, when the truth comes out, it doesn’t just surprise, it explodes.

A contemporary take on one of the darker sides of life, “Endless Change” addresses homelessness, abuse, molestation, abandonment, and a myriad of other issues. Parker is a fixer, while Dakota is a user. The plot is well done, keeping the reader guessing the truth about Dakota for a while, and leaving them torn between how Parker sees her, and the reality. The depth and complexity of the tale set it apart from most contemporary tales, but the romance is hard to define because Dakota and her associated crimes leave the reader spinning. Overall, this is the kind of book to get a reader thinking, the kind of book that should be on a book club reading list at the least.

Sarah E Bradley