Emmie and the Tudor King (Hearts and Crown Book 1)

Young Adult

Emmie lives in a world where Queen Elizabeth I of England marries and produces a son who will go down in history as the most notorious king the monarchy has ever known: Nicolas the Iron heart.  Centuries later, Emmie studies Nicholas for a history project and wonders if there was more to him than what history determined him to be. One night, Emmie wakes in a field in 16th century England, and before she can even comprehend what has happened, she comes face to face with Nicolas himself.  The more time she spends in the past and in Nicholas’ company, the more Emmie finds herself drawn to him.  On this crazy time-travel journey, Emmie must decide what is more important: keeping history intact or her heart.

A mix of history, time-travel, and romance, this story will take readers on an exciting adventure, sure to please lovers of both history and fantasy alike.  Ms. Murray’s detailed descriptions of both historical scenes and present time make for an almost seamless trip between times, giving readers a smooth ride throughout the entire novel.  Emmie is a delightful leading lady, a great mix of sass and intelligence. She’s someone who can stand up to anyone, even a king.  Ms. Murray takes liberties with “time-travel,” as Emmie is never a simple observer in the past, which may be off-putting for those with a deep love of time-travel stories.  The only other hiccup readers may come across is that not every aspect of Emmie and Nicholas’s story is concluded in the first novel. Overall, a great start to what is sure to be an exciting series.

Amy Cefoldo