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Young Adult

Three things are guaranteed when you come to England:
Die hard football(soccer) fans
Drafty, old, haunted castles
Michelle De Freccio might not care about the first two but the last is a mite problematic. It all started with a drawing of a dashing knight named Christopher, that connected her through time. Now she goes back to the past every time she is near the haunted castle, but only if he is there in the past. He’s the only one who can see her there, the one she might even love…
Christopher Newman keeps seeing the very odd and unladylike Michelle, who seems to come from the future.  He feels so drawn to her, however, that time and space soon become nothing.  She might even be able to help him do the impossible...change the past.

Epic and gorgeously written, “Drawn” pulls readers in, demanding they not leave unaffected! Michelle is snarky, down to earth and likable, and all the other characters are delightfully intriguing. Only two things may be bothersome. First, the undefined and confusing  rules of time crossing.  Michelle can touch  Christopher, but not kiss him, she passes through people, but not horses or objects? How? Why? What’s the nature of whatever it is? Second is the ending, which catches the reader off guard, and not in a good way.  It seemed to come out of nowhere and might not be what everyone wishes to see after investing so much emotional time.  However, the writing is amazing, and Marie Lamba’s books are definitely worth checking out!

Mimi Smith