Distant Dreams

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Sixteen-year-old Kai has the ability to travel through her dreams. During one dream, she witnesses a murder. This is not just any murder, however, it is that of a girl she goes to school with. Unfortunately, she never saw the murderer’s face...and who would believe her anyway? As the case starts to consume her, and she grows obsessed with finding out the murderer’s real identity, her travels turn into nightmares, and she realizes she has to get to the bottom of this and find out who is responsible. To do this, she connects with the victim’s brother, Collin, and together, they try to solve his sister’s murder. Perhaps they will fall in love along the way. 

The start is a little awkward, but once the plot for “Distant Dreams” really gets going, it offers an entertaining story with some fun, original elements. Kai, the main character, lacks depth. She’s a rather stereotypical teenager, but she would’ve been more realistic had she been less stereotypical, more unique. Collin is all right but his interactions with Kai aren’t always realistic. Some events that happen throughout the book border on being unbelievable (although it is fantasy, what happens has to make sense by the guidelines of this fantasy world, and be believable), sometimes the situations are rather repetitive and lack originality. The writing seems more suitable for a middle grade than young adult audience. 

However, the book does have a solid amount of suspense, the plot itself has some clever, original elements and overall, it offers an entertaining story for young adults to enjoy. 

Majanka Verstraete