Dickensen Academy

Young Adult

FANTASY:  Autumn is overjoyed at her acceptance to the prestigious Dickensen Academy for her creative writing. Going to boarding school means she will get out from under her father’s forceful, and somewhat controlling, thumb and discover herself. She is led to believe the school focuses on the arts, which it does — but not in the way she has been thinking it would. She now has to navigate not only the dramatics of high school and placating her father, but she also must attempt to learn a strenuous new skill, which will cause her to fail out of high school if it’s not mastered. Pressure is starting to mount with her feeling worthless, but a tragic turn of events helps stabilize her and give her the required strength to do what her heart is telling her it wants to do.

A quick, unique story showing what happens when one steps out of their personal shadows to find where their potential truly lies. Although it is difficult to immerse oneself completely in the book due to the bland descriptions and emotions, the reader’s curiosity is tickled and a desire to know “what next” is kindled. This saga boasts incredible character growth and development with remarkably realistic views about the brain and sleep dreaming. Unfortunately, it also shows a sense of inconsistency such as being told there is no cell phone service at the school then has the protagonist on a call with no explanation offered until much later. Still, it is a thoroughly delightful novel waiting to teach just how much can happen in a short time frame and how much a person can grow with those same obstacles. 

Yannie Sorensen