Destiny (Book #3)

Young Adult

Jessie returned to high school after an exhilarating summer teaching Karate at a summer camp for special children. Jessie had an instant rapport with them. Since she was deaf she felt like she understood them. It was especially sweet because she was able to work with her boyfriend Ethan. Now Jessie was working extra hard to achieve her Black Belt in Karate and also helping out at the studio.  

This year she still feels frustrated trying to hear her teachers and unsuccessfully fitting in. Jessie gets a part-time job that doesn’t work out. Then she gets a job as a Candy Striper and finds a group of girls that accept her as she is. But she also has a terrifying dream of a little girl sobbing. Jessie realizes that it is her when a teacher put her desk outside the classroom, and she was all alone and miserable. Jessie is faced with so many obstacles and decisions. How will she be able to handle it all?


Jennifer Gibson continues the story of Jessie as she faces obstacles that all teenagers face, trying to be accepted at school but still wanting to be herself.  Gibson is overly detailed in her descriptions and this makes for a slow read. However the author’s descriptions such as when Jessie gets on an elevator with a creepy stranger, with point-on accuracy and feeling,  making it something most readers will be able to feel and identify with. Gibson does focus less on romance and more on Jessie’s own unique journey, something that will delight some readers, disappoint others.


Rose Mary Espinoza