Demons: (Eirik Book 1)

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  After having lived abysmally as a human on earth, Eirik Baldurson has gone to the underworld to meet Hel, the mother he never knew. She throws him into the dungeon further cementing his belief in of his mother’s ruthlessness. Before Hel returns to check on him, a witch appears inside his cell and Eirik believes she is a soul. Celestia Devereaux comes from a long line of witches. She was spurned by her own mother and raised by her Chief of Police father and her witch grandmother. She has the gift of astral projecting to places where people are in danger or in need of her help. This time when she astral projects, she lands inside Eirik’s cell.


“Demons” is filled with snarky comments and the coming of age of both Eirik and Celestia when they become more aware of each other. The plot relies heavily on Norse mythology and the story combines the concept of dragons and witches. Astral projection is used here to connect humans with the underworld the way the Bifrost connects Asgard to Earth. While the story resolved one issue relating to the antagonist, it did not resolve the conflict posed at the beginning, leaving one slightly bemused. This has a cliffhanger and was more of a foundation for the next novel in the series. The next novel in the series should be on hand immediately or it may lead the readers turning the last page with a lot of frustration.


MP Ceja