Demon’s Ink

Young Adult

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Scarlett notices the new boy in school and is very interested. Unfortunately, her ex-boyfriend, Cam, notices too, and is alarmed because he senses something is not right with Drake. She is also undeniably drawn to the new tattoo parlor, opened up in a house that is allegedly haunted. Finally her curiosity gets the best of her and Scarlett makes a trip to the parlor where she meets Bartos, a man who seems to be evil personified. She is at first mesmerized by him and is drawn to stay longer.  With nothing short of extreme willpower, she is able to break away and leave the shop, terrified. Afterwards she takes particular notice that everyone who enters the shop comes out a changed person. She also notices that Drake spends a lot of time around the shop. Is he who he claims to be? Or is Drake something out of her worst nightmares come true?

Demon's Ink is a nail-biting, gruesome tale of good versus evil. The four central characters are well developed with deep emotions and their own brand of baggage which makes them relatable. There are some convoluted plot twists and the novel needs one last edit to catch errors such as wrong word tenses and missing words in sentences, as these glitches alter the flow of the story. Still, it is an action-packed tale that is suitable for the adventurous in spirit!  It is recommended this book be read by the older spectrum of young adult readers due to mature content about demons. Enter into the world of Ink, where a tattoo isn’t an innocent bit of self expression, but a first class ticket into the macabre!

Belinda Wilson