Day Moon (Tomorrow's Edge Trilogy #1)

Young Adult

INSPIRATIONAL/DYSTOPIAN:  In the year 2039, 17 year-old Elliot is hired to work on Project Alexandria, which will provide the entire world access to all accumulated world knowledge. To ensure that everyone is given a fair chance, every single printed book and all other forms of print are destroyed. Before he is forced to destroy a copy of Shakespeare's Complete Works he decides to read it again. However, when he does so he notices that there are discrepancies between the book and what is on Project Alexandria, including an extra sonnet called “Day Moon”. As he looks into the differences, he discovers that certain people have no intention of using the project for the public. Elliot is soon on the run from the authorities and doesn't know who he can trust. He must stop Project Alexandria — not only to preserve history, but to ensure the safety of the future. 

This book is an enjoyable mystery with a unique plot and engaging characters. Elliot isn't the typical alpha male but he comes into his own through the course of the book, when he is forced to fight for his life. The dialogue between the characters is compelling and together with the mystery will keep readers hooked. There are a couple of scenes that feel like they're slowing the story down but the rest of the book is set at an even pace. "Day Moon" is the beginning of the Tomorrow's Edge Trilogy, and readers will be eager to see where the story goes from here. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick