Dare to Trust (Dark Choices #1)

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Armond Costa is thirteen, and in no way an ordinary boy. Oh, but how he wished he was one! If he was, maybe his uncle, aunt and parents wouldn’t hate him. Maybe then his uncle wouldn’t torture him, and it wouldn’t all heal in three days, and he wouldn’t run away, and he wouldn't always be found. And he wouldn’t have wings. If only he was normal. But he’s not, and all signs show that things will be crazier than ever. Golden Demons, Dark Demons, ancient wars and legacies...and the heavy burden of his healing gift being so necessary. 

"Dare to Trust" is an interesting and familiar premise with a new twist! However, it doesn’t quite work in many respects. As a protagonist, Armond doesn’t manage to draw the reader in. His reactions, and the way that entire world of magic is introduced, lack a certain sense of awe and wonder - which is usually one of the main draws of the genre, after all. The main conflict of Golden and Dark Demons leaves a lot to be desired as well, as similar setups have been seen many times. On a brighter note, there are a few supporting characters which add sparks of light to the story. One avenue of exploration, the effects of abuse on Armond and its influence on his life, is still open and would be something interesting to explore in the next book, as well as giving Armond’s character more depth and appeal.

Mimi Smith