Curse of the Moon (The Secret Warrior #2)

Young Adult

After finding a home with a pack of werewolves and discovering she is one herself, Morgan Daniel thought she and her brother would have nothing else to worry about except what to wear for Halloween. Unfortunately, Morgan can’t seem to keep her wolf under control, and in order to treat it, she needs to get a potion from a lizard shifter witch. Worse, said witch can’t resist the chance to put a spell on Morgan’s brother and force her to do her bidding. With only a few days until her brother walks off a cliff, and her own wolf to control, it’s a good thing Morgan has Jackson and some other friends with magical powers because by the next full moon, they’re going to need everyone’s help to break the curse.


A paranormal YA full of geeky references and teenage humor, “Curse of the Moon” is the second book in “The Secret Warrior” series and should definitely be read in order as this book starts right where the previous book left off. With a quick pace, plenty of drama, almost insta-love between Morgan and Jackson, and many revelations about the different characters family history, this story has enough twists and turns and snark to entertain any YA lover and leave them wanting more. Although the story and characters lack depth, complexity, and tends to tell instead of show, there is something quirky and fun about this book that will suck the reader in and leave them wondering how it ended so quickly.


Sarah E. Bradley