The Conscience

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Young Adult

Suspense/Thriller:  Maya lives in a future ruled by the ‘Arm of Evil’. People cannot trust one another, as they are never sure who is friend or foe.  Maya works in a bar run by her father, and meets many interesting people there, especially men, many of whom  become interested in her, but with no way of knowing who she can trust, she is never sure if a relationship is genuine, or one of entrapment.  Enter Mike, a man who could be her very soulmate and  their relationship progresses, even amid warnings of danger. Suddenly, Maya is kidnapped by another man, Adam, and Mike mysteriously disappears.  She is angry, but Adam convinces her that everything that is happening is for her safety and a greater purpose.  Maya soon finds herself falling for Adam, who strangely resembles Mike. However hard she tries, it seems impossible to separate them in her mind, except for a few random physical features.  Will she forget her soulmate only to fall in love with the man who kidnapped her?
“The Conscience” has a fascinating plot, with lots of surprises in the end.  A little more depth of explanation about characters, the climate of the times, and the “evil” government would make the story more readable. As it stands, it is confusing and can be hard to follow, as there are lots of loose ends and topics that are addressed suddenly with no context or follow-up. Maya’s mental and spoken dialogue also becomes somewhat repetitive, making the story drag.  Revital Davis writes a great plot but more depth in writing and attention to details would improve the story immensely.
Victoria Burg