Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Kayla is a normal seventeen-year-old girl. Like many high-school seniors, she has her whole life planned out. After graduation, she and her boyfriend Luke will move to the city where she will become a ballerina, he will become a doctor and they will live happily ever after - that is, until her entire world gets turned upside down.


Alec is a man with a mission: to protect Kayla from her evil sister and prevent her from destroying the Afterlife - and with it Heaven and Earth. Alec and Kayla must work together, learning to harness their inner light and prepare for a battle they cannot afford to lose. As Kayla and Alec grow closer, she finds herself falling deeper in love with him. Faced with a choice between the life she wants and the destiny set out before her, will Kayla choose herself, or the lives of those she loves?


Ms. Crispin takes the reader on a youthful journey of love, heartache and family. Bringing a fresh spin on the idea of the afterlife, she creates a unique world the reader will want to be a part of. Unfortunately, this tale ends in a major cliffhanger that rushes the reader to the end of this journey, leaving them with far more questions than answers. Improvement could be made by giving the same careful consideration to the resolution of this story, as was given to the buildup. However, Ms. Crispin does a wonderful job of creating realistic characters that are easy to love and root for!


Amelia Kitch