Young Adult

FANTASY: Clover has only one type of luck, the astoundingly good kind. For eighteen years, she’s led a charmed life with her grandmother in a high-rise New York apartment. But on the day of her eighteenth birthday, everything changes. Finn is at the end of a very long assignment given to him by his not-too-trustworthy boss. As a leprechaun, Finn has been Clover’s invisible shadow for eighteen years, imbuing her with luck and protecting her from harm. Now that his task is almost complete, he’s ready to head back to the fairy world and enjoy a few pints with his friends. The only problem is that Finn’s boss might have dabbled in illegal dark magic, and the resulting curse is aimed at his favorite human. Can he turn his back on eighteen years of dedication and affection? Can Clover believe the tall, handsome man who materializes in front of her is really a leprechaun?

Nicole Kilpatrick has spun an entertaining tale filled with adventure, danger, and gentle romance. The writing is polished and carefully edited. The pace and plot are well managed, and the characters have depth and charm. Perhaps the most pleasing feature of this story is the original situation. Though the fairy aspects are pleasing and colorful, the fae tropes don’t step far from the standard lore. Even so, other inventive details bolster the world-building and make the pages fly by. Small mysteries and surprises make this a well-thought-out journey. Magical revelations and a satisfying ending ensure that fantasy readers will be swept away by this layered story of sacrifice, family, and sweet romance.

Starling Gray