A Chosen Life (The Chosen Chronicles - Book 1)

K. A.
Young Adult

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  For the past decade, Macy lived a life on the run. She does not have the normal life of an average American teenager because she was Chosen. As one of the warrior children tasked with saving humanity, they fight against things unseen - demons, dark spirits - determined to take over the world. Under the care of her Watcher, Bastian, they search for the final Chosen child. When they find Tolen Parks, they discover a defenseless teen, ignorant of the ways of the Light. Running out of time, the trio must escape and rely on the aid of friends before agents of darkness snuff out humanity's only chance at salvation. Obstacles arise at every turn forcing Macy to take unfathomable risks and for Tolen to use gifts hidden for the majority of his life to save the Balance of Light and Dark.   

The initial installment of the Chosen Chronicles opens the reader's eyes to a war hidden in the shadows with young warriors tasked with human salvation. The story of the Ninth Chosen and the weight of their task are reminiscent of Tolkien's saga. Much of the novel is background information necessary for immersion in Macy and Tolen's world. The mysticism of the Balance and tales of the Chosen are reminiscent of Lord of the Rings; however, the weaving of the tale overwhelmed the reader with information. Once one pushed through the haze, the experience was rewarding enticing the reader to continue on with the Chosen Chronicles.  

Amy Willis