Young Adult

SCI-FI:  In the second book in the Zaratan Trilogy, Kara is now on the planet Zaratan, struggling with missing her home back on Earth, while also feeling a strong connection and love for her family on her new planet. Constantly fighting or sneaking off to see Matt also brings its own set of problems, and soon Kara realizes the war between families on Zaratan is not the only concern as she battles the one in her own heart. With the hope of maybe seeing her family again, Kara sets out again across space on a new mission. However, with warring families, misplaced children, and a confusing love triangle, Kara doesn’t know who to trust. One wrong turn could be her downfall. 

If one is looking for a fast-paced book with complex world building and a well-defined main character, then “Chosen” is the right book to read. With something new and exciting happening on almost every page, this book is a page-turner. The book does have a few issues, however, one being how things seem to happen but all the action and information is left out. Parts of the book lack detail, leaving readers wanting to know about the situation instead of getting a brief secondhand account from another character. Another issue is that the book has so many characters that it is hard to keep track of them all. While characters like Kara stand on their own two feet many just slip through the cracks. Readers will have a tough time putting this book down, and not only want to know Kara’s fate, but also the future of Zaratan. 

Hannah Hurdle