Young Adult

PARANORMAL/FANTASY:  Sarah Parker has the supernatural gift of life, yet how she came to have this power, and more importantly how to control it,  are a mystery. Since leaving her life at the horrific St. Mary's orphanage and school things have been pretty normal.  Things start to look even better than normal when her major crush, Marcus David, returns from a trip overseas. That is, until a murder at school and the attempted murder of her adopted mother starts to unravel a chain of events that begins to unveil her destiny. To add fuel to the fire, Armando Perez, the new and mysterious guy at school, seems to have a connection to her that she can't explain. Just when life seemed easy!  


A paranormal world with a young-adult frame of mind is filled with teen crushes, BFF's and all the things that young adult readers can relate to. As mysterious events unfold the author creates intensity and intrigue-provoking interest, while keeping the reader asking questions and encouraging continued reading for the answers. Some of the smaller details occasionally do not cohere with the overall story, and the reader is left patching holes in the story.  Similarities to other popular works of fiction take away from the Ms. Singh's work as well.  Each character, though, has a special quality of their own, and are a driving force to the work, adding richness and style. Bewitching and entrancing!


Margaret Faria