Chasing Sunrise (The Sunrise Prophecy - Book 1)

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Liana Linacre’s life has been turned upside down following the murder of her father.  Relocated to Taos, New Mexico for her own protection while the murder is investigated, Liana finds herself with her eccentric aunt who is in no shape to serve as a guardian. But that’s the least of her problems.  Suddenly, she’s gorgeous with amazing hair, which is great, but the sunrises make her bones turn to molten lava, which is not so great.  Then, instead of simply escorting her to her first class as requested by the school secretary, good looking Corban Alexander stuns her when he accuses her of being a vampire and vows to kill her.  But if she’s a vampire like Corban claims, why doesn’t she drink blood and why is it only the sunrise that burns? As Liana and Corban piece together what happened to her, they realize that her father’s murderer is now after her. 

Compelling from the get go, “Chasing Sunrise” is a fresh take on the vampire mythology. Liana’s confusion draws the reader in as she unravels the mystery of what she has become with Corban as her guide.  Warm friendships and the high school setting strike a tone that is just right for a young adult novel.  Unfortunately, a mythology information dump stalls out the plot halfway through the book, while Liana’s culture shock at Native American life in New Mexico doesn’t ring true to her characterization as a nerdy, well-traveled and highly educated boarding school student.  Fortunately, the book wraps up neatly with enough unanswered questions that readers will want to know what happens when Liana and Corban meet again.

Elissa Blabac