Champion In Flight (The Champion Trilogy #2)

Young Adult

INSPIRATIONAL:  The battle for Septily appears to be over now thanks to Clara and the sacrifices of her friends and family. However, now the Allied Council is preventing her from leaving Skycliff and searching for the Healing Caves she believes will fix her sword. Meanwhile, the youngest cursed swan prince of the joint kingdoms of Rrysorria and Wylandria is also feeling trapped. Discovering he remains tied to the evil sorceress Maedess, Prince Liam is just as desperate as Clara to find healing. When both set out on quests, they must rely on new friendships and take a second look at themselves to discover what God wants them to do - because the war isn’t over, and Kalidess is coming.


A YA Christian Fantasy, “Champion In Flight” is the second book in the “Champion Trilogy”. Picking up shortly after the first book leaves off, Clara is grieving her friends and family. Prince Liam feels like an outsider and is struggling to find his purpose. Altogether the characters are facing questions of redemption, what and who to prioritize, and forgiving others as well as themselves. The new characters, particularly the griffins and hawk master are excellent, and allow Clara and Liam to grow. However, the focus is on setting the stage for the conflict to climax in the last book. Also readers should definitely read the first book to avoid some confusion and to get the full impact. Still, this is a great trilogy for any young fantasy reader.


Sarah E. Bradley