Casting Shadows: The Ash Grove Chronicles, Bk. 2

Young Adult

Tanner and Joy were teenagers when they found themselves with a baby on the way. They were living with Joy’s father who was working on a secret project and was constantly on Tanner’s back. Suddenly, one morning Tanner starts acting strangely and attacks Joy. The real Tanner appeared at the door and chases the first Tanner away.  Thoroughly confused, Tanner and Joy slowly realize they have just seen their first shapeshifter. Who or what is after them and will they and their baby, Rose, ever be safe from these demons?
Meanwhile, William is in love with Maddie but she considers him just a good friend. She succumbs to having a fling with him, however, which makes him angry because he thought it would lead to something more.  He starts dating Sheila, who encourages him in his music and is always by his side. Maddie doesn’t trust Sheila, she had a vision of Sheila with a knife in her hand ready to attack William. How can Maddie save William from Sheila when he is still so angry at her that he won’t even talk to her?
DeWees continues the saga she started in “The Shadow and the Rose”. The author seamlessly intertwines the lives of the main characters as they all go through challenges and adversity. The reader might find Joy and Tanner’s lives as teenagers, who are about to become parents romanticized, as they seem to solve their problems too easily, but  the ending leaves the reader anxious to find out what happens next to Joy, Tanner, baby Rose and especially to Joy’s dad.

Rose Mary Espinoza