Castigation (Aremihc Trilogy Book 1)

Young Adult

PARANORMAL/DYSTOPIAN:  In the town of Luella, there is a monthly occurrence called Castigation. This is the time when anyone who is rebellious or shows any other unsuitable traits is put to death in front of the rest of the town. All are required to watch this ritual, including children. Saskia Wires is a rebel, but she has yet to be caught. She is part of the mob that helps to get food for the rest of the starving town and is looked upon as a type of hero. Once captured she fears for her life, but finds that the elders have altered her DNA - making her more muscular, more accurate, and more deadly than she was before. Then she is sent to the academy to become the ultimate killing machine.


This is a tale of epic proportions. The plot is complex and has some unexpected twists in every section. Saskia is a profound heroine, with multiple layers composing her character. Unfortunately, there are several things that detract from what could otherwise have been a good book. The misspelled words came with such frequency that one wonders if this piece went through a final edit. Homonyms were also used with frequency (such as feat for feet). When the Glacien language is used, this reader was surprised to see that it was French, merely renamed for the purpose of the novel. With some editing, this has the potential to be a good start to the trilogy. "Castigation" is rife with potential to branch off into future novels.


Belinda Wilson