The Bridge to Magic (The Sundered Web #1)

Alex Thornbury
Young Adult

FANTASY: A universe bound by three worlds: one of gods, one of magic, and one of men. Elika, an orphan who wanders the streets of Terren, watches every day as more men and women take the bridge–the Bridge to Magic. Her entire life she has watched people give up their lives in Terren and face death as they perish crossing the bridge, or make it to the Deadlands on the other side. Either option is death, and magic is to blame. When the blight comes, all of mankind will face it. When Elika comes to realize she has magic inside of her, she must decide whether she will risk her life on the bridge, or die trying to purge the magic from her soul. 

“The Bridge to Magic” is a wonderful example of great world-building. The foundation of the world is laid out right from the beginning, while each chapter starts with a page from “History of Men, Gods, and Magic”, written by their Priest, Oderrin. These excerpts open a window into the world that was once alive and well before the Sundering War, and it gives insight into why every man, woman, and child, hates magic. However, when Elika begins to learn the true stories, she is exceedingly reluctant to accept them. It is frustrating to see that throughout the entire novel, even when the truth is right in front of her, she remains blinded and stubborn. It would be more satisfying to see extra growth in Elika and her beliefs by the end; however, there is still plenty of time for that given this is only the first of the series. There is a battle of good and evil that stretches across these pages, and a gripping adventure waiting to discover what Elika finally decides. 


Sadie Wilson