Breeder (An Arrow's Flight Novel)

Young Adult

SCI-FI:  Kate is a breeder - it’s her destiny.  In the Village, a town made up solely of women, being a breeder is a position of status.  But it’s not what she wants.  She fights this life in every way possible, but it’s no use.  Mona, the Village leader,  tells her that they have picked out someone special from the stock, the stable of men available to the breeders.  When she goes to the Pit, a dark hell hole, she vows that she will not breed with her chosen man, but will take a different path.  The man Ian becomes a friend, and when she helps him escape, her punishment should be severe.  But Mona shows her lenience, and even gives her another man!  It is only a matter of time before Kate must mate and have a child.  A girl child she’ll be able to keep, but if it’s a boy, he’ll be sent away.  It is too much to bear.  


“Breeder”  is an intense story of a futuristic village where only women live, and men are held captive as mating stock.  The friendships between Kate and her men are unexpected, as men are used only for mating, and the women don’t believe them to be capable of anything else.  The suspense builds as Kate decides whether or not to mate, to take over as leader, or whether to even stay in the village.   As Kate tries to see a future with choices and with Ian, “Breeder” will not disappoint, but keep every Sci-fi fan biting their nails and turning those pages!


Victoria Z. Burg