The Apocalypse Five (Archive of the Five Book 1)

Young Adult

SPACE OPERA:  Apocalypse 5 or AT-5 is made up of five of the best people the AT-1-NS space station has ever seen. AT-5 is led by the illustrious Captain Detroit. The team is composed of Juneau, Reno, Augusta and Houston. AT-5 goes on simulated missions required by the space station to destroy the humanoids and each mission is fraught with danger. This is especially heightened when Detroit falls in love with Houston, putting the team even more at risk. When AT-5 witnesses a murder, they become the leading suspects. Can the AT-5 stop the utter destruction of Earth while protecting each other and the rebels who have joined them?

This book is just a wonderfully told science fiction story! The distinctive writing might be simple, but it radiates a newness, along with being crisp and fresh! The story is written with plenty of snappy, sassy dialogue and clever verbal bantering in a class all its own! The fast-paced plot moves nicely, quickly drawing readers into the heart of the action! Even the auspicious ending is satisfying leaving much more to expect and look forward too. The angst-filled characters Juneau, Reno, Augusta and Houston develop slowly. Each has their own good qualities and bad vices readers will not only relate to but will just love! The budding romance between Detroit and Houston manages to strengthen both characters while not inhibiting the effectiveness team. This is a sensational thriller of science fiction second to none!

Roslynn Ernst