Against the Reign (The Knight Heir Series) (Volume 1) formerly Hopeless Reign

Young Adult

It is well-known that Vian, Virginia’s beloved little brother, would prove better suited for the throne of Newrock, but she is next in line.  When their parents meet with an untimely death, the kingdom faces war. Ginny accepts the crown reluctantly and invites her friend, Prince Liam, to the subdued celebration. He is unable to attend; his uncle has increased Etigan’s security, and Liam is to marry soon.  How will this rebellious 17-year-old handle the responsibility placed squarely on her shoulders? Is Kensar offering Liam their princess to gain a political ally against Windem?


Readers will have difficulty putting this fast-moving, action-packed book down! Laughing periodically, they will lose themselves in this story, and may identify with the characters who reveal their personalities through their actions. Their dialogue naturally marries with the narrative of the story; artfully written in the first person, present tense. The characters’ dialogue is distinctive depending on their station in life, and with whom they are speaking. If the reader is looking for a romantically mushy novel, this is not it. A lesser romantic element integrated into the well-developed though predictable plot leaves the reader wondering where the next book will take them since all loose ends are neatly tied up. This story proves that women don’t necessarily have to be damsels in distress. Curling up with this one during an April shower will not disappoint!


Heather R. Nielsen