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ANTHOLOGY:  A collection of short stories that explore different types of relationships and varying types of love — ranging from the devotional, the passionate, and the pure — this anthology features diverse characters at different stages of life.

Amy Knowles is used to being overlooked and overshadowed by her bombshell best friend Jules. Working in their teashop on Monkpark Hall Estate in Yorkshire, Amy isn’t likely to meet many men, but the ones that do come by usually only notice Jules — except local recluse Joshua Wilson, who sees Amy, and may be the only person who understands her.

Mierta McKinnon did not know what to expect during his Rite of Wands ceremony, but when he is granted his powers and his wand, he is also shown a horrible future. Forbidden from sharing what he sees with anyone else, he is left to try to find a way to save not only himself but also the land of Ivernas.

Tara Golden is haunted by her mother’s death — one she couldn’t prevent, despite her power to heal. Life has taught Tara that most will not accept her gift, and thus she keeps it hidden. When she uses her gift to heal Grant Markel’s fatal condition during his visit, she never thought he would come back to town to seek out the source of his miracle.

Ever Chase is bound by a curse that hides her true heritage, and terrified of losing everything if she says the words to break it in order to reclaim her powers and knowledge as a Valkyrie Queen. Her true father is waking, and once he does, he will hunt her down and kill both her and her werewolf mate Derek, just as he has in all of her previous lifetimes.