XYZ Affair


Dani Quinns life isnt going as planned. At forty-four, with two failed marriages behind her, three kids and a dog, she is forced to move back to her hometown and into her parents house. At least she has a job at the local university. But then there are the bones discovered on campus that were never reported to the police - a mystery well worth solving in Danis eyes. The last thing she needs is her mother pushing a man at her, but neighbor Chris Gorham is hard to deny.

The beginning of the book cant help but pull the reader into Danis life.  Unfortunately, there were too many different ideas pushed into a single book. The story of a woman with three kids coming back to town, improving the relationship with her parents, coming to terms with her career and falling in love would make a fine story on its own. The fact that Dani also happens to be a mystery writer seems to serve as a reference for her to get involved in the suspense plot. Speaking of which, its not strong enough to stand on its own, and only takes the attention away from the relationships of the characters.  The bond between Dani and her kids, for instance, feels neglected. Nevertheless, its still an interesting story that compels the reader to follow it to the finale!

Ana Smith