Undercover in Jenns Cove


A corrupt corporation in the small Northern California coastal town of Jenns Cove catches the attention of the Justice Department.  Jake Weston needs a project site for Ecosystem Services Institute, so when he is assigned to work undercover in Jenns Cove, he sees a chance to pull double duty. The only hitch to his plan is keeping a promise made to his sister requiring him to ask a woman out, even if it is only for coffee.  

Maggie’s life took an unexpected turn in the form of an unplanned pregnancy.  She returned home to raise her child in a small-town environment, while working as an attorney. Although her friend is trying to set her up with a rich former resident, Maggie only has eyes for the new guy, Jake Weston, even if he is in town on a temporary basis. 

Maggie and Jake are the ultimate ‘green’ team! Eco- romance is a relatively rare sub-genre, but it is rapidly gaining in popularity. The foundation for these novels often features ecological, green, social, or environmental themes.  In this case, ground water contamination is a possibility that Jake will have to investigate, putting him at odds with a powerful corporation trying to cover up the risks. This scenario lends a strong suspenseful element to the story, as well.  Excepting one slight over-exaggeration, the characters are well drawn and very relatable. The sensual scenes are a little ‘flowery’, but this is a minor complaint. Otherwise, this story is refreshingly fleshed out, evenly paced, and well balanced. Contemporary romance and romantic suspense readers alike will enjoy this one!

Julie Whiteley