Unconscious Knowledge


Marcy and Sydney are young adults and the casualties of abuse. Adrift on their own, they manage to find one another - as nihilists seem to - and their relationship quickly explodes. They turn to crime and lay the blame for their actions on reasons palatable only to them as they leave a bloody trail in their wake. Detective Blaine tracks them down with the help of an old childhood friend who is now a sheriff. 


“Unconscious Knowledge” is a goth Bonnie and Clyde tale in contemporary times; an eclectic mix of lives broken apart then spun back together into a bloody climax. Whether a reader can be intrigued by the lowliest pits of life and its tragedies is unknown. This novel spotlights the atrocities some parents bequeath on their children. It attempts to show poverty leads to abuse. It also suggests love can be borne from desperation where a lost soul finds safety in the company of another lost soul. It is a dark story with a dark ending, where the young adults are the real victims. Marcy and Sydney survived the trauma they endured as children and then time deals them an awful hand by marching them straight into adulthood. This is a hard book to read with a severe case of head-hopping that confuses the story line. Similar to following a narcotic-induced mind working through a jigsaw puzzle, “Unconscious Knowledge” has a murky depth all its own. 


This story’s rawness undoubtedly could attract a producer to turn it into a movie revered by the damned and the forgotten of our society. 


Sloane Austen