Abigail has settled into her new life owning and running a coffee shop and is pretty content.  When John walks into her shop, she doesn’t know how much her life is about to change.  John happens to be recovering from a gunshot wound and is in charge of a covert team.  Their chemistry is undeniable, but they are both recovering from past hurts…John from the loss of his wife and Abigail from an abusive relationship.  When John enlists Abigail to help him with his operation, not only can she be put in danger, but it brings back so many bad memories for her that she may not recover.

There are two main storylines in this clever romance/suspense story.  John and his team are working on a case where the ‘bad guy’ gives you a good sense of the creeps whenever he’s around.  The other part is the love story between Abigail and John.  At the beginning, it is sweet, but the more the reader gets into it, the love story doesn’t feel like it flows.  After their first date, they end up together in Abigail’s coffee shop for an uncharacteristic sex scene.  It seems out of character for both of them based on what they both have been through.  The reader feels for both main characters and hopes that they will end up ok and together.  The remaining characters are interesting including the villain they are on the hunt for.  The point of view of his wife is very real and added another element to the story.  Will everyone remain safe as they hunt for the bad guy?

Stephanie Shaw