Twist of Fate


Just when Devon Gallagher thought her life was heading in the right direction, bizarre and terrifying events start to occur. Persistent phone calls, peculiar notes and gifts keep finding their way to her and she gets frightened enough to call upon her ex, former cop Rick Bergstrom. She hasn't forgotten that he broke her heart years ago, but, hey, at least the sex was mind-blowing. Now, Rick must rise to the occasion and save the woman who completely despises him.  It's the least he can do, after all. But once reunited, they realize the passion has never fizzled out and it's bound to explode again.  Although they agreed to put their tumultuous past behind them, they must conquer the mysterious stalker who threatens Devon's life, and possibly Rick's as they grow closer together than ever before.

Laurie White has penned this nail-biter of a tale with romance in mind. Readers will love this contemporary pair of characters and agree it's quite a challenge to stop at just a few kisses especially when Rick, our hero, is drop-dead gorgeous. Devon is portrayed as a strong-willed damsel in distress, and the author has done a fantastic job at choosing where her actions may take her next. It keeps us on our toes and our mind questions where the next twist in the plot could lead to. The added bonus of this terrifying story is the sexual tension - the build up is relentless.  It feels that it's about to pop at any moment and when it does, it's a sigh of relief. The unexpected, surprise ending is a jaw dropper, but the all too familiar stalker scenes are predictable and unoriginal. A great excuse to spend the afternoon in the shade with a nice, cool drink!


Jaime A. Geraldi