Maggi Andersen,
Adam Frost

Being a twin was a blessing growing up, but Angeline Martin fled to Hong Kong after her twin married Angeline’s own ex-boyfriend. Now, ten years later, Dany needs Angeline to return home.  A series of accidents and mysterious happenings doesn’t make for a happy reunion and Angeline can’t wait to escape back to Hong Kong and her job.

Australian Detective Inspector Nicklaus Alexander oversees the investigation of Dany’s car accident, but his apparent attraction to Angeline is no mystery.  Can Nicklaus solve the whodunit and keep both Angeline and Dany safe or will the secrets Dany is hiding be the end of them all?

A decidedly twisted tale for all suspense readers, the heart of "Twined" takes place in present day Australia, near the sea.  Angeline is fraught with worry for her sister but finds herself at a loss of what to do when she’s back home, thus readers may feel disconnected by what could be perceived as an emotionally remote Angeline.  She cares for her sister’s well being but it may come across as somewhat flat to some readers.  As Nicklaus displays more emotion and caring for his father, readers may find him a more believable character than Angeline.  Repeated missing quotation marks can be easily corrected, but due to the number could be distracting to readers.  The plot, which leaves readers dangling until the end, is masterfully woven.

Jordyn Teel