Truth Truth Lie

Lilly Fausse has been brutally attacked and is in a medically induced coma. Her best friend, Jane, is beside herself. Lilly’s husband, Evan, is distraught. Who would do this to her? They’ve lived a picture-perfect life, complete with a BBQ with all their friends the other night. But Jane remembers that something had rattled Lilly that day. A man from Lilly’s past had turned up on her doorstep, and she had lied to Jane about it. Jane always knew Lilly kept secrets. But with Lilly in the hospital, Evan collared as the prime suspect, Jane also being threatened, the web of deceit grows. The last thing Lilly said to Jane was to ‘take care of Evan’. How can she go to the authorities for help without putting Lilly, Evan, and herself in further danger?
A magnificent page-turner that keeps the reader guessing from the very start, fooling them into believing they know where the story is leading, then pulling the rug from under them at the last minute. A rollercoaster ride to the very end. Told from the point of view of the two best friends, and straddling two timelines, readers are given tantalizing glimpses into their lives. The characters are utterly engaging, and one experiences their raw energy, thoughts, grief, anxieties, and fears as they try to untangle truth from the web of lies they’ve created around the people they love and are supposed to trust. The thread unravels the deeper the tale goes, only to be caught up again in yet another tangle. Gripping and brilliant in its execution, it will keep readers’ hearts and minds racing!
Rika Chandra