April 1971 San Francisco Father Anthony is not only a man of God but is almost perfect and has done many good things. Unfortunately, Father Anthony also holds a very deep dark secret. He is in love with one of his parishioners, Rita Wittier. Anthony tries to immerse himself in his works and does everything he can to forget his feelings for Rita but can’t deny his feelings anymore. After Anthony goes to confess his love for Rita, she is found dead. Everyone is suspected in Rita’s death: her cheating arrogant lawyer husband Konrad, her loving brother Gordon, maybe Rita herself, and even the Godly Father Anthony. Only one question remains: who killed Rita?

The story is beautifully told, filled with mystery and suspense that pulls the reader into the heart of the action. As the plot twists unfold and the mystery thickens, the characters come alive.  Father Anthony being a Catholic priest creates interesting tension because of the sacrifices he must make and the necessary suppression of his romantic love for Rita. Despite the tension, his character is easily liked because of all the altruistic things he does. Konrad is easily hated due to his pompousness, yet he is Rita’s husband and does appear to care for her. Lastly, Gordon, the devoted brother, isn’t bad and loves his sister. Still Rita’s death and their love for her bring all of them together in an attempt to discover who killed her.  The book is hard to put down and stays with the reader long after it is finished. 

Roslynn Ernst