A Thousand Doors: An Anthology of Many Lives

J.T. Ellison, Kimberly Belle, Laura Benedict, A.F. Brady, Patti Callahan Henry, Paige Crutcher, Rebecca Drake, Heather Gudenkauf, Joy Jordan-Lake, Alisha M. Klapheke, Ariel Lawhon, Kerry Lonsdale,
Catherine McKenzie, Kate Moretti, Lisa Patton, Kaira Rouda

Mia Jensen is at a low point in her life.  With everything falling apart, she cannot help but wonder about the choices she has made.  “What if” is haunting her mind and she imagines what her life may have been like.  The only thing she wants to do is go home and have a glass of wine.  When she is brutally attacked in her kitchen and dying, she experiences some of the lives she may have lived had her choices been different.  A life with children, but with a great love left behind.  The life of a jilted lover and a prize trophy wife.  With all the experiences, she may learn that life is rarely perfect and that everyone has longings.

This is a fantastic book!  Its prose is well constructed and poetically descriptive.  Each different story adds a lovely layer of complexity and nuance to the overall narrative.  The many authors contributed to the story in a meaningful way to end up with a cohesive gem of a story.  Each story has its own distinct style and flavor, but this works well in the context of the story as Mia is experiencing the changes that experience makes in one’s personality. Despite having so many authors involved in the narrative, the styles meshed together well.  This lovely book is a must read for anyone who wants to experience story telling at its best!

Gwenellen Tarbet