Things Lost In the Fire


Sadie McRae is the daughter of rock legends.  After a traumatic incident as a teen leaves Sadie reeling, she's sent to live with her grandparents. It’s been ten years since that night, and Sadie returns home to care for her mother. Back in L.A. she can’t resist the urge to follow in her parents' footsteps and make music of her own. Apprehensive about being discovered, Sadie creates a persona for herself and is recognized by her childhood best friend Brody Odell. Now she is forced to deal with her friend turned paparazzo and a stalker thanks to her newfound fame. Will Sadie be able to leave the horrors of that night behind her and forge through the ashes of her past?


“Things Lost in the Fire” is a thrilling tale of love, loss, and triumph. Sadie is an appealing blend of tough and tender, the true epitome of a survivor. The reader will be delighted as she comes into her own. Where this book struggles is adding too many complications for our heroine. A stalker, a murder mystery, an attempted rape, a tumultuous relationship with her parents and a complicated love interest may leave one feeling overwhelmed. Although the story is intriguing, more thorough editing would've made this book a complete joy to read. If one is looking for a fascinating peek into the world of rock and roll, look no further!


Chantel Hardge