Tequila Mockingbird


Kestrel Falco -- Kes to his friends -- has left Los Angeles, his family and friends, and a flourishing career to work as an undercover agent for the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) in Mexico. When he returns to testify in a case he is thrown back into the old crowd and into the sights of his ex-fiancé's friend; Rachel Newsome. Rachel finds the new and improved Kes gorgeous in spite of her friend's claims to his bad character. But when her sister is kidnapped, she can't turn to the police and finds herself needing Kes' help.


Chantal has developed unique and interesting characters with plenty of back-story without the fatal information dump. Important secondary characters even feel real. Twists and surprises keep the reader glued to the pages while enjoying the settings at a "safe" distance. The conflicts entwined are multidimensional - the tension and lack of communication of characters - and believable rather than limp. The same avoidance borders on frustrating for the reader though, knocking the rating down a half star. The novel is well written; Chantal obviously knows her courtroom and has a good grasp of the workings of the DEA, making this a credible and enjoyable read!


Shaunna Gonzales