A Taste for Killing (Chasing the Taste)


Carolyn Woods and Jack Heart have more than a few things in common - an on-again, off-again romance of convenience, they are both private investigators, and they have just discovered that they have each been hired to by different people to solve the same murder!  The challenge they face - avoiding each other personally while still helping each other solve the case as the body count rises adds additional suspense. While both detectives approach the case from different angles, only one succumbs to the sexual invitations of Evan Jones, a suspect in the murder of Pete Wallace.


H.K. Sterling drops the reader right smack dab in the middle of a murder investigation in this enthralling novella! Without ever telling the reader exactly what city or where, she draws a clear picture of a city large enough for the detectives to have to work to learn the people, yet small enough that the characters know each other in this contemporary murder mystery.  Readers familiar with architecture or construction might notice a small hiccup, but isn't quite enough to spoil the story.  The conflict that results from the love triangle between Carolyn, Jack and Evan is nicely detailed with believable motivation, although the love scene feels "heavy" in contrast to the rest of the writing.  A smooth, quick read!


Shaunna Gonzales